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(SI 2002 grads only)

Bryn Mawr Campus "THE UNIQUE ASPECT of the Institute is its commitment to the development of a professional network of skilled women administrators ready to be mutually supportive and to work cooperatively to enlarge the professional opportunities for women in higher education."

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welcome to the unofficial
CLASS OF 2002 online photo gallery*


The Summer Institute offers women administrators and faculty intensive training in education administration.... 
- from the official Summer Institute web site

This site is the home of the Class of 2002 Summer Institute photo gallery – our online yearbook, herstory, and cyberdorm. It started out as a PowerPoint slide show, Keila's idea. Our official institute photos are here (and open in a new window). The rest of the photos are our unofficial gallery....

The gallery is separated into three general areas: summer institute activities, the beautiful Bryn Mawr campus, and the extra-curricular activities of SI participants, family, and friends. Many 2002 women of summer contributed their photos to make this gallery possible. Only their first names appear at the beginning of their albums. We know who we are....


*Best viewed with a high speed Internet connection, with disco divas playing in the background, and drinking beer, wine, water, or Amarula

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