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technology, teaching, and learning

Explore this section to learn about pedagogically sound methods to use web and new media resources to facilitate teaching and learning about gender and women's history, including examples of student assignments and how to assess them, and practices to encourage academic integrity and discourage plagiarism.

use technology to facilitate teaching and learning

Instructional technology is more than bells and whistles that students think are "cool." Use instructional technology to reach your course goals in a more effective way than not using the technology. If using technology does not make a significant difference in student learning, why bother?

Below are some general resources that explore how to use instructional technology effectively. (External links open in a new browser window.

teaching and learning - online resources

Kathryn Kish Sklar, Teaching Students to Become Producers of Historical Knowledge on the Web, Journal of Social History (Vol. 88, No. 4) March 2002.

Engines of Inquiry - practical and pedagogical framework for the integration of technology into teaching and learning from Georgetown Univ. (2002) Some online articles, including Teaching, Technology, and Learner-Centered Approaches to Culture and History by Randy Bass, Before, During, After: Checklist for Redesigning a Course of Study to Include the Significant Use of Technology, and many other useful articles.

Technology and Learning - useful, annotated online resources from the Association of American Colleges and Universities. "Designed to assist faculty of post-secondary institutions in understanding the issues, examples and discussion topics associated with using emerging technologies in teaching and learning. Using this educational resource, faculty are encouraged to travel the web at a comfortable pace to identify where courses are offered over the Internet, how technology can be used in the classroom, and to discuss issues that will affect them in the future."

Digital History - using new technologies to enhance teaching and research - an interactive multimedia Hypertext History of the US with primary sources, teaching guides, virtual exhibits, and more.

academic integrity

What can faculty members do to encourage academic integrity in the "wild west" of the 21st-century Internet era? Be proactive! The best way to discourage plagiarism is to consciously use strategies and techniques to encourage academic integrity. Read more here.

sample gender and women's history assignments

Looking for some ideas? See how other gender and women's history scholars use instructional technology to enhance teaching and learning here.


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