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web development considerations

If you want a web presence, consider how much time you can devote to learning the relevant skills and to updating the site. There are a wide range of possibilities:

  • initially challenging - A full personal and/or course web sites hosted by your university. Your institution may have templates that are easy to fill in, upload, and update. Or you can learn how to use a web design program like Dreamweaver to create a custom site. The latter can be quite rewarding, though time consuming until you are comfortable with the program. Once learned, web publishing is in many ways easier to use to create and update information than printed documents created with Microsoft Word - and you can save a few trees. Learn more about Dreamweaver here.
  • easy -
    • blogs (web logs) may provide enough of a web presence to suit your needs. Read more about blogs here.
    • if you are a Macintosh user, iLife software will let you create websites (and blogs) using iWeb software. Integrates easily with a .Mac account, and with other servers with some effort. Read more about iWeb here. (Academic prices.)
  • fairly easy - free group sites like Yahoo! Groups provide many integrated web tools that are fairly easy to learn. The price you pay is the advertising on your site and group email message. Read more about free web sites here.
  • challenging in a different way - a web site hosted by a commercial web host or free web site provide. Often these free and commercial sites have web site templates that you can customize. However, web templates can be somewhat challenging if you do not understand the basics of web design. Even if you do, their templates might not offer the flexibility you might desire. In most cases, you will want to purchase your own domain name.
  • If you are a published author, members of the Author's Guild can have web pages at the Author's Guild site for the cost of membership (first year dues are $90) plus $3 - $9/month. See AuthorsGuild.Net
  • Read more about free web site options here.

downloading web sites for offline browsing

You can bring a copy of your web site to a presentation on a CD, in case the Internet connection fails.

You can also download a web site for offline browsing with Internet Explorer.

  • on a Macintosh with I.E. 5.2 - File menu --> Save As: Select Web Archive. Click th options button to select whether to download images, sounds, movies, and the number of levels to download, and whether or not skip links to other sites.
  • on a PC with I.E. 6.0 for Windows - File menu --> Save as: Select either Web Page Complete, Web Archive (single file) or Web Page (HTML only)

finding content
copyright-free graphic, sound, and video resources for your web site

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